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Craig P. Anderson, President & Founder

In his very first professional role at the University of Florida, Craig’s focus was on improving people and processes, which became a recurring theme for him. Over the last thirty years has worked at colleges and universities, led regions and divisions at Fortune 500 companies like JP Morgan Chase and Sallie Mae, and, most recently, served as the president of Student Connections, an operating not for profit based in Indianapolis. As his career evolved, Craig realized the key to business success was in the people. If you can help them achieve their full potential, they will be more engaged in their business, and the business will achieve more success, faster.

Before starting his executive coaching and business consulting practice in 2018, Craig was the president of Student Connections; a company focused on helping students repay their educational loans. In three years, Craig led that company from a small division of Strada Education Network to a fast-growing firm that helped over 250,000 college students get current on over 2 billion worth of student loan debt. In addition to significant revenue growth, Craig focused on building a great culture with a focus on alignment to vision, accountability, and employee engagement. It was recognized as a Great Place to Work in Indianapolis in 2018 and developed a level of employee engagement that placed them in the top 15% of companies nationwide.



After the sale of Student Connections, Craig realized that the greatest satisfaction in his career came from supporting and guiding his employees to be the best version of themselves. That is when he decided to shift his career from leading people and companies to enabling people to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. His first step was to complete the coaching education program at CoachU. He gained additional certifications in the Core Values Index and One Page Business Plan. This training allows Craig to combine the business acumen he developed over decades with a deep understanding of coaching to help his clients maximize the return of working with him.


Kaylee, Office Assistant & Mascot

Since starting his coaching practice, Craig has worked with leaders in a variety of industries. The common theme of his work is helping his clients clarify their goals, build a plan to achieve them, and deal with the roadblocks in their path. Most importantly, once the client achieves their goals, Craig ensures the client takes the time to recognize their efforts and success before they move on to achieve their next set of goals.

Craig holds an undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of Florida (English, Higher Education Administration). He also enjoys working with organizations that help Indianapolis become a world-class city and serves on the board of the International School of Indiana and the Membership Council of the Indy Chamber. Additionally, Craig co-hosts Q&A on Breakthrough Leadership, a weekly podcast.

Craig isn’t always working. He enjoys spending time with his two sons (one a Navy Ensign and one a junior at Wabash College), attending concerts and other local events, and curating the comic book collection he has been building since age 13.

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