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End Leadership Overwhelm

I talk with a lot of business owners and CEOs. And like their teams, they’re tired. And they want to end leadership overwhelm. Whether it is from COVID, a changing economy, hiring and retention struggles, or a combination of all three, 2021 has been a long year. 

If you feel like:

  • Your business is running you instead of you running your business; it means making difficult decisions on how you will spend your time.
  • You are in the way of keeping the business moving forward; it means you need to clearly identify and communicate the priorities of your business to the team.
  • You have decision fatigue, it means you need to find a way to drive decisions down into the organization.

You Need a Better Plan

What is common to all of these issues? It is the need to clarify your goals, identify key strategies, and prioritize the work to be done. And to do that, you need to have a clear vision for where you want the business to be in not only 2022 but for the next three years. You need a plan to take control of your business.

Build a Business Plan That Works

Perhaps you don’t want to do business planning. What does business planning mean to you, though? If you’re like many people, you think a business plan is a massive endeavor. Something that will take you weeks to pull together, and who has time for that right now? What if I told you, you could build the initial draft of your business plan in about 2 hours? And then finalize it with two to three rounds of editing? Does that even sound possible? If not, allow me to introduce you to the One Page Business Plan.

When I was running my business, I struggled to identify and communicate what I wanted to build on my team. I knew what I wanted, and I needed a simple way to present it. My history working for large Fortune 500 companies taught me to build big business plans, but I also had an army of people to pull in to do the work. That just wasn’t possible with my new small business. I realized I needed the effectiveness of those corporate plans, and I needed it on one page.

Business Plans Made Simple

That’s when I found the One Page Business Plan. With this tool, I could create a plan that was clear and easy to communicate with my team. And it contained everything I needed to have control of my business. The methodology identified the key things I needed to measure, the details on how I wanted the business run and the work that had to be done to get us in the place to succeed. Accountability is also a crucial part of the system, so nothing is forgotten, and the plan never ends up on the shelf. And it really can be done in just a couple of hours.

And this is just the first step to becoming a great leader for your business. There is so much more to consider like communication, decision making, and vision. The new year will be here before you know it. Isn’t it time to spend some time on growing yourself? To become the leader you aspire to be?

If so, come join my Master Class, How to Be a CEO, coming up on December 10, 2021. In this 45 minute, interactive session you will learn three actionable steps you can take to up your leadership game in 2022.  Register now!