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The Value of Vision

The value of vision is how it keeps your team together when times are tough. How it allows you to recruit the right people to your team. It clarifies for your customers how you will serve them now and in the future. And it keeps leaders focused in a world full of distractions and challenges to growth.

Value of Vision

What is Vision? 

So what defines your Vision? As I work with my clients, we define Vision as what you are building. We specifically identify what your business does, who your clients are, what products or services you offer, and how much revenue you will generate. And while where you are today matters, we want to envision where you will be in 3 to 5 years. Vision is about where you are going.

Vision Guides You Forward

The Vision for your business is your north star. You set your path forward by it. Vision creates the parameters for every decision you make for your business. Whether times are challenging or successful, your actions are defined by it.  

If your business is facing challenging times right now, your Vision is what keeps you on track. The Vision allows you to stay focused; it defines how you make decisions under pressure. When it’s too hard, and you want to give up, Vision draws you back in and gives you the energy to move forward.

If your business is achieving success, the Vision gives you a different focus. With success, you can get distracted. Side projects pop up and take up energy, time, and resources. Perhaps your level of success begins to feel like it’s enough, and you can let up. In any case, the danger in early success is that it can draw you away from the Vision you set out to achieve. Keeping your Vision in front of you reminds you that there is more yet to do. It pulls you back on track when you get distracted.

The Value of Vision for Your Team

When you have a clear vision for your business, your team benefits. 

First, it improves your ability to recruit talent. Prospective employees want to know where the business is going. Is the Vision something they can align behind and see themselves as part of? Do they agree with it? Vision and culture define your business, and candidates will assess if they want to work for your organization on that basis. Much like you, as a business owner, will determine if a candidate can be part of your Vision and culture.

Second, it helps with employee engagement and retention. A key driver of engagement is that the employee understands the business’s Vision and how their role supports it. If you’re not clear on your Vision for the company, there is nothing for the employee to align personally and professionally. A clear vision is something that employees want as it drives their purpose and reason for showing up every day.

A clear vision for your business is a necessity. Without it, your business lacks clarity. Everything looks like an opportunity, and you have less ability to set priorities and goals for the company. Vision drives your decision-making, helps you recruit and retain employees, and provides purpose and stability in times of success and struggle.

If you want to get clear on your Vision, set up an Introductory Call with me, and we will work to get you started!