When you strengthen your mindset in 2022 you will see less stress, better results, and ring in 2023 from a far better place. The question is how? Let’s face it. The hits kept coming in 2021 and while you have goals for 2022 what might stand in the way? As you’ll see, that’s not an easy question to answer.

The one thing we can control is our Mindset. And in this post, I’m going to give you three tips you can use to have a better mindset this year. After reading, you may still have questions. If so, let’s connect and talk about it.

We Can’t Predict the Future

We can plan for the future, but we certainly can’t predict it. Leaders always need to be looking into the future. And as they look to where they want their business or team to be, the great ones realize the future calls for one thing, flexibility.

Flexibility allows us to plan more effectively. Certainly we have goals we want to achieve, a Vision for the future of our company. The smart leader realizes that while there is a preferred path to getting there, it’s not the only one. As leaders we plan for the future and prepare for the inevitable roadblocks that will get in our way, slow us down, and cause us to reroute.

And when we can accept this, our mindset will improve. We won’t see failure as anything more than a temporary setback. And since our forecast for the future called for flexibility we can react quickly and reste expectations accordingly.

Celebrate Success

We can focus so much on the mountain ahead of us, we forget to recognize all the mountains we climbed to get there. And while many will preach you must stay focused on the goals, I submit you will have a better mindset when you take the time to celebrate those successful milestones along the way.

How does celebrating success strengthen your mindset?

First, it acknowledges progress. When we spend time focused on achieving one goal, it serves as a future reminder that we can and will win.

Second, it motivates your team. When you celebrate the success of an individual or a project everyone else sees it. They know that their hard efforts will also be rewarded. And they benefit from seeing the journey come to an end despite challenges a team may have faced along the way.

Get, and Stay, Focused

I was working with a client recently on their challenges when speaking to groups. They did not have a problem with speaking until they felt they made a mistake. Once that happened they fixated on the mistake. It undermined their confidence and muddled their thoughts to the point where they lost track of the larger point they were trying to make.

We discussed a concept I learned from yoga, the idea of “begin again.” The idea being that when we make a mistake, acknowledge it, note it, and then begin again, with no recrimination or judgement. He’s working to implement it when he speaks in groups.

Similarly, when we make mistakes either personally or as a business we can quickly lose focus. And if we’re not careful we will struggle to get back on track and focus will be lost. Mistakes are inevitable. It’s how we deal with them that matters.

Next time you make a mistake, pause to acknowledge it. Note it for future reference, and then begin again. Keep moving forward and stay focused. That will improve your mindset tremendously.

How do you feel about your mindset going into 2022? Are you prepared to be flexible, recognize your achievements, and keep your focus? A positive mindset will carry you through many challenges. And, so can coaching. If you’d like to learn more about how I can work with you, set up a call today!